Common Module: "Biosafety - Bioterrorism"

2020, February 24 - 2:38pm

On Monday, February 24, 2020, the common module "Biosafety - Bioterrorism" began.

Cadets of our Academy along with cadets from Military Academies of Greece and the European Union, as well as university students, are participating.


Specifically the participants are divided as follows:


12 HAMACSO cadets

2 cadets of the Hellenic Air force Academy

3 cadets of Hellenic Nursing Academy

2 cadets from the "Nikola Vaptsarov Naval Academy" (Bulgaria)

2 cadets from "Military Technical Academy" Ferdinand I ", Bucharest", (Romania)

1 cadets from Military University of Technology (Poland)

4 cadets from Theresan Military Academy (Austria)

3 cadets from the 'Royal Military Academy' (The Netherlands)

2 cadets from "Comando per la Formazione e Scuola di Applicazione dell'Esercito" (Italy)

1 cadet from Royal Military Academy (Belgium)

14 Students from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH)

1 Student from the University of Macedonia (PAMAK)

1 Student from the University of Thessaly.


The commencement of the seminar was announced by the Commander of the Academy, Major General George Matzouranis, who, after welcoming the participants, emphasized that this training is a milestone for the Academy, as it is the first time that such training is organized by HAMACSO, but also by the European Union, in the framework of Military Erasmus Exchange.


The training agenda, which focuses on food protection and control as well as on identifying potential biological threats, is considered more timely than ever and will be developed by accredited Aristotle University instructors as well as military trainers with extensive operational experience in the field.


It is noted that in addition to the seminar-type lectures, there will be educational visits, as well as a cultural excursion to the archaeological site of Vergina, in order to promote the cultural heritage of our country.