Common questions

Admission to the Hellenic Military Academy of Combat Support Officers can only be achieved with the Pan-Hellenic Examinations for General High-school graduates. After the end of the Pan-Hellenic Exams, candidates are required to take part in Preliminary Exams, which include psycho-technical tests, health checks and sport trials.

All relevant information are included in the Circular Order of the Ministry of National Defense for the Proclamation of the Student Selection Contest (“ASEI-ASYY” – Higher Military Educational Institutions – Higher Military Academies of Non-Commissioned Officers), issued every year, approximately in early March, which is posted on the Academy's website at and the corresponding website of the Hellenic National Defense General Staff at

The enlistment of Students from other Military Academies is only possible through the Pan-Hellenic Examinations. Candidates are re-examined in Preliminary Exams (psycho-technical, health checks and sports). If they are admitted to the Academy, they have to resign from the Military Academy where they previously belong.

The special categories of candidates to be admitted to the Academy are described in the Circular Order "ASEI-ASSY Student Selection Contest" that is issued approximately in early March of every year.

There is no provision on the existing legislation for the admittance of candidates to any faculty of the Academy with graduate admission examinations.

The limits of the sport trials, which are part of the Preliminary Exams for admission to the Academy, are described in the Circular Order "ASEI-ASSY Student Selection Contest", that is issued approximately in early March of every year.

Height is a criterion for admission to the Academy, described in the Circular Order "ASEI-ASSY Student Selection Contest” that is issued approximately in early March of every year.

The Preliminary Exam Program is announced around the second 10-day period of June, each year, from the Academy's website at You can also contact the Selection Office of the Department of Studies. (tel.) +30 2310-962112, +30 2310-962177 and +30 2310-962191

You can send the required documents by registered letter or submit them in person at: Hellenic Military Academy of Combat Support Officers (SSAS), Plethonos Gemistou 1, ZIP code 54638, Thessaloniki. Is it possible to introduce runner up’s to the Academy? It is noted that in ASEE - ASYY from the academic year 2008 - 2009, according to Law 3648/2008, Government Gazette Issue n. 38 / A, it is no longer possible to introduce candidates as alternatives for filling in any vacancies created for not being present, resigning or being removed candidates even though they have been admitted to these Schools, based on the results issued by the Ministry of Education for Lifelong Learning and Religious Affairs.

The School's Management Division is divided into Education Departments, which are as follows: A. Department of Healthcare, which includes the departments: Medicine, Dental, Pharmaceutical, Veterinary and Psychological. B. Department of Other Corps, which includes the Department of Military Legal Counselors and the Department of Economics.

Attendance at the Academy lasts for the duration of attendance at the corresponding Schools and Departments of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, ie 6 years for Medicine, 5 for the Veterinary, Dental and Pharmacy Department and 4 years for the Departments of Psychological, Army-Military Legal Advisers and Economics. The maximum time limit for attending the Academy, according to the Organization of the School, is the number of years of study at AUTh, increased by two years. If a student exceeds the above time limit, they are deleted from the Academy but also from the corresponding School - Department of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. In addition, he is required to pay compensation to the State for each year he attended the Academy. The above does not apply only if a student is deleted due to health reasons.

Student education is Academic and Military. Academic education takes place in the corresponding Schools and Departments of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, as is done for the rest of the students of the AUTh. Military training takes place on the premises of the Academy.

All expenses of attendance (accommodation, food, etc.) are borne by the State. In addition, students of the Academy receive a monthly allowance.

Graduates of the School are obliged to remain in the ranks of the Armed Forces after their graduation; Doctors for 12 years, Veterinarians, Dentists and Pharmacists for 10 years and Psychologists, Armed Forces-Military Lawyers and Economists for 8 years.

Students who successfully graduate from the Academy are called Second Lieutenants, Ensigns or Pilot Officers, depending on the Armed Forces Division to which they are allocated (Army, Navy or Air Force, respectively). The Army-Military Legal Advisory Corps is a Joint Corps of the Armed Forces. The officers are called Second Lieutenants and can serve in Units - Services of all three branches of the Armed Forces.

There is no Department in which you can graduate as a Military Judge. Graduates of the Department of Army-Military Legal Advisers of the Academy are not placed in positions of Military Justice. In order to become a Military Judge he will have to succeed in a relevant competition, which is announced by the Ministry of National Defense. The notice shall state the conditions and the supporting documents required for participation in the competition.