Historical Retrospection

The presence of military doctors in the troop units as well as the Healthcare service is established by the First National Assembly in Epidaurus in 1822. In 1835 the German philhellene Treiber is appointed as the President of the Healthcare service.
In 1863, military doctors were fully integrated in the ranks of officers, who until then served as military employees.
In 1911, the appointment system of Healthcare officers, changes. Until then, Medical School graduates were recruited, whereas now high school graduates are sent to Lyon Military Medical School in France. However, due to the amount of expenses and the different educational attitudes, a need to create a Lyon-based Military School is born.
By Legislative Decree 30.12.1925 the Military Medical School is established and is ratified by Law No. 4094/29, based in the 430 Military Hospital of Athens, known as "Elpis" (Hope). The Military Medical School’s commander was a Head Doctor and a Colonel of Arms as the second in command. The School will be transferred to Rouf's General Warehouses and shortly thereafter, in June 1935, it will cease to operate.
In 1937, the Hellenic Military Services Academy is established, which is housed in the French Hospital at Alexandra Avenue with four departments: Healthcare, Department of Enlistment, Department of Managers, Department of Automobiles. Due to the outbreak of the Second World War, students are recruited and no Healthcare student will receive a medical degree.
In 1945, after several fermentations, the Healthcare Department of the Hellenic Military Academy (Evelpidon) was founded, but its function will not last for long because of the need for a purely productive Medical School. In 1946 it is shut down and its members complete their education at the 402 General Military Hospital.
On July 6, 1946, the Supreme Military Council issues OP 306289 / 6.7.1946 / GC / A5 "Establishing an educational unit under the name Military Medical School", with Thessaloniki as its base. The introduction will be through exams and importers will be required to serve in the Army for 20 years. The first designated commander is Head Doctor Syllaidopoulos. According to B31725 / A5 / ii / i order of the Hellenic Army General Staff on 19 November 1946, the Military Medical School is temporarily settled in the 401 Athens Military Hospital until January 1947 when it resumed operation in Thessaloniki. On April 4, 1947, the first introductory examinations for the first years were held and on the 5th of April the School is installed in the building of the former German School. The Military Medical School starts operating on August 1, 1947.
In December 1958, SIS moved to the "Kottas" military camp in the wider Campus area.
In 1962, for the first time, foreign students were introduced, initially from Jordan and later from other Arabic countries.
In June 1970, LD 562/70 "On Military School of Corps Officers" (Government Gazette Issue 127 / 6.6.1970) is published, according to which the Hellenic Military Academy of Combat Support Officers is founded, which is under the leadership of Armed Forces Headquarters and is based in Thessaloniki. Its purpose is to provide the appropriate scientific and military training of the following specialties, for the needs of the three branches of the Armed Forces: (a) Healthcare: i) Doctors, ii) Dentists, iii) Pharmacists, iv) Veterinarians, (b) Judiciary, Enlistment Office and Economics. The Hellenic Military Academy of Combat Support Officers begins operating on September 5, 1970 and is ratified by Royal Decree 46/73 (GGI 13 / 18.1.1973, Vol. I). The Hellenic Military Academy of Combat Support Officers has been under the authority of the Hellenic National Defence General Staff since 1971.
In February 1981, after the separation of the "Kottas" military camp, the segregated department in which the Hellenic Military Academy of Combat Support Officers is housed is renamed "Captain Doctor Fokas military camp”.

In 1989, the first woman enters the Academy.

In 2005, the Department of Psychology begins to operate.

In 2010, by Law 3883/2010, the Department of Enlistment was renamed to “Department of Enlistment - Military Legal Advisers”.
All Students attend the corresponding Schools and Departments of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.
The graduates of the Academy are allocated to the three branches of the Armed Forces (Army, Navy, Air Force). A small number of graduates of the Medical Department are allocated to the Hellenic Police.

All graduates of the Academy evolve into excellent scientist officers, with military and academic recognition.

The Hellenic Military Academy of Combat Support Officers is an independent Jointed Formation of Brigade level and is under the authority of the Deputy Chief of the Hellenic National Defence General Staff.