Educational Training

It includes teachings on topics of general interest, lectures by distinguished guests, screenings of films, museum, historical and religious site visits and educational trips. It also includes:
> Greek language teaching to foreign students and foreign language teaching at different levels.

> 1st year Students make educational visits to: Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki, Museum for the Macedonian Struggle, War Museum of Thessaloniki, Museum of Byzantine Culture, “TOPSIN” Museum of Balkan Wars, Archaeological Museum of Vergina, Archaeological Museum of Dion and to Mount Athos (with the female students staying at a Women's Monastery).
> 2nd year Students make educational visits to: Fort Roupel, Kilkis-Lahanas site, Fort Nymphaion, Kalpaki site-Hellenic outpost of Molyvdoskepastos (Greek-Albanian borders).
> 3rd year Students make educational trips to the 4th Army Corp (Thrace Region), 1st Raider/Paratrooper Brigade (Rentina), 71st Airmobile Brigade (Kilkis), 1st Army Aviation Brigade/32 Marines Brigade (Volos).
> 4th year Students make educational trips to: 1st Army – Hellenic Tactical Air Force Command (Larissa), Fleet Headquarters (Salamina) and 88th Military Administration (Lemnos).
> A group of Students, under the guidance of the Department of Studies, publishes the quarterly, scientific magazine entitled “PROSEGISEIS” (Approaches).

In addition to the above mentioned activities, Students of the Academy comprise:

> Clubs in team and individual sports and participate in leagues of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and Academies of the Armed Forces.

> Long-distance road teams.
> Orchestra - Byzantine and European choir - dance groups with which they participate in musical and artistic events inside and outside the Academy.
> Demonstration Squadron that exhibits special skills at official ceremonies (national holidays, oath taking, etc.) in the region of Northern Greece.