Director of Studies

Chief Medical Officer Evangelos N. Psomas , with origin from Domokos of Fthiotis, was born in Larisa in the year 1971. Entered the Medical Faculty of the Military Academy of Officers Corps in 1990. Graduated from the Medical Faculty of Aristotelio University in Thessaloniki and later he was appointed Second Lieutenant Medical Officer in Military Academy of Officers Corps in 1997. 

       He was trained in the 401 General Military Hospital in Athens (1997-1998), in the 414 Military Hospital of Special Diseases in Penteli (1998) and in the 424 General Military Hospital of Training in Thessaloniki (2000-2001). During the time 2008-2011 and 2013-2019 he served 424 General Military Hospital of Training as Curator if 1st Pathology Clinic, as Chief of Staff in the Clinic of Geographical Medicine, as a Member of the Committee of Discharges – Postponements of 3rd Military Corps and as Curator of the Department of Infections.

          He has graduated from the Faculty of Applied Sanitations, from the Faculty of the Special Forces and the Greek Institution of Hygiene and Security in the Workplace.

         He has a Diploma in Managementof Medical και Hospital Operations of the Greek Educative Section of Public, Diploma of the Faculty of Educators in the Medical Sector of the Aristotelio University of Thessaloniki also Diplomas in A.T.L.S (Advance Trauma Life Support) and B.L.S. (Basic Life Support).

           He speaks English fluently and has a Certificate in Informatics and Handling Computers from the Unicert Primary (Ε.Ο.P.P.Ε.P)

         He has served as a Lieutenant-Doctor-Trainer in a series of Military Units, Formations and Centers of Training of the Greek Military (Centers of Training of Sanitary – 1997, Centers of Training of new Recruits of the 9th Army Regiment – 1998, 181 ΜΚ/Β «HAWK» – 1998-2000) and also in the Special Forces (Κ.Ε.Α.P.   –  2006-2008 ).

         He participated as a doctor of ATHENS 2004 during the Olympic Games, in the Organization and Support of the Hospitality of the Refugees (2015-2016), also in the reinforcement of the Team of Military Doctors with Specialty in Pathology for the coverage of Medical Emergencies of the General Hospitals in Kozani – Ptolemaida and VeriaNaousa during the period 2016-2017.

          During his years as a student in the Faculty, he received the Honor of Commendation for his morals and in the Military Skills and as an Officer which he was awarded all his Military Ranks, Medals and References.

         He received the Title of Specialty in Interior Pathology in 2006 after the completion of his studies.

  • In the Pathology Clinic of the 424 General Military Hospital Thessaloniki  (2000 – 2001)

  • In the 1st Preparatory Pathology Clinic in the General University Hospital  «ΑHEPΑ» (2001-2006)

He got his Specialty in Infections during the years 2011-2013 in the Unit of Special Infections of the 1st Pathology Clinic of the General University Hospital « ΑHEPΑ » .

          From 2013 till today he participates actively in the academic research of the 1st Preparatory Pathology Clinic in the General University Hospital of Aristotelio University with the status of the scientific partner and consultant in the field of Infections.

         He is candidant of the doctorate in Aristotelio University.

         He has participated in a series of Academic Papers in the Medical Faculty of Aristotelio University and columns in Greek and Universal Scientific magazines.

        He is a member of:

  • Association of Rangers and Ieroloxites of Macedonia

  • European Clinic of Microbiology and Infection Diseases

  • Greek Company of Infections

  • Greek Company of Research & Confrontation of AIDS

  • Greek Company of Pathology

  • Union of Professional Pathologists of North Greece

         He is Married and has two children .