Director of Academics

Colonel (Vet) Efstathios Chronis was born in Vlachokerasia, Arcadia in 1972 and graduated from Tegea High School in 1989.

He was admitted to the Veterinary Department of the Hellenic Military Academy Of Combat Support Officers (HMACSO) in 1989.

He graduated from the Veterinary School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in 1995 and was awarded the rank of Second Lieutenant (Veterinarian) at the Hellenic Military Academy of Combat Support Officers (HMACSO). After graduating from HMACSO, he was trained at the School of Applied Medical Support (1995-1996) with simultaneous internship at the Army Biological Research Center and the 3rd Veterinary Hospital.

He has successfully graduated from all the military schools approved for his rank and specialty. As an officer, he has been awarded all the medals for merit provided for his rank. Following examinations, he completed postgraduate training in Clinical Veterinary Microbiology and Food Hygiene and Microbiology (1998-2001) at Veterinary School of Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki.

He has participated with more than twenty scientific papers in Greek and international congresses and published five papers in Greek and international scientific journals.

He is a graduate of the Basic and Advanced Training at the School of Applied Medical Support and the School of Special Arms of the Armed Forces and the Basic School of NATO at Joint Warfare Center (Norway).

He is a graduate of the Army Staff School (2011) and Supreme Joint War College (2013). He has deployed in national and allied exercises.

He has served in various positions in the Medical Corps, in Medical Units and as a staff officer in national headquarters and in International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) (Afghanistan), with the main focus on food hygiene, veterinary public health and military personnel training.
In particular he has served in the following positions:

  • 1996-1998 411 GMH/Detachment of Veterinary Support-Head of Department (Tripolis). At the same time, he was trainer at the School of Supply and Transportation Corps (Sparta).
  • 1998-2001 Postgraduate training in Clinical Veterinary Microbiology and Food Hygiene and Microbiology]
  • 2001-2004 492 GMH/Detachment of Veterinary Support -Director (Alexandroupolis)
  • 2004-2006 III SUPPORT BRIGADE/MEDICAL BRANCH – Medical Staff officer (Thessaloniki).
  • 2006-2009 3rd Veterinary Hospital - Food Microbiologist (Thessaloniki).
  • 2009 (July-November) International Security Assistant Forces/CJMED- Staff of Veterinary & Preventive Medicine (Kabul-Afghanistan).
  • 2009-2012 2nd Army Corps/Support Branch – Medical Staff Officer (Veria).
  • 2013-2015 SUPPORT DIVISION/MEDICAL BRANCH - Head of the Department of Veterinary Medicine (Thessaloniki).
  • 2015-2020 3rd Veterinary Hospital - Head of Microbiological Laboratory & Quality Assurance Manager (Thessaloniki).
  • In 2020 he was appointed as Director of Academics at Hellenic Academy of Combat Support Officers (Thessaloniki).

He is married and has a daughter.