Officers, Non-Commissioned officers, Students, Soldiers and Civil Staff of the Hellenic Military Academy of Combat Support Officers.

Starting today, by decision of the Supreme Military Council, I take over the command of the Academy succeeding distinguished and renowned Lieutenant General Matzouranis Georgios.

Taking on my duties, first and foremost I bow with the highest respect, honor and pride to the War Flag of the Academy and pay tribute, and express immense gratitude to all the heroes that have fallen while serving our Homeland.

I am fully and absolutely aware of the honor, which was done to me by the Military Leadership in being appointed as Commander of the Academy. However, I am also fully and absolutely aware of the responsibilities that are directly tied to this honor and trust shown to me.

The Glorious history of the Academy, as well as, the obligation that is imposed by its mission, dictate us to continue, as a whole, the legacy of our predecessors by staying committed to our oath.

Today, here before you, I state unequivocally that, I will faithfully and strictly observe the Laws and Military Regulations and I will demand their faithful implementation by everyone, without any exceptions.

At the present time, we are called to face the pandemic but mainly avoid becoming complacent and remain at a state of constant readiness while developing our deterrent military force, in order to meet the challenges of our nation.

The Armed Forces, responding to the requirements of our time are enhancing interdisciplinarity and interoperability. The Hellenic Military Academy of Combat Support Officers from its foundation has always been the peak of interdisciplinarity.

I want to assure you that my primary goal is to command with great vision, goal and focus my attention on the «Human» factor and primarily the Students. I will do everything in my authority to improve the living conditions of the Students and the working conditions of executives and all Academy employees, operating with impartiality, justice and meritocracy.

I will work hard to assure the best military training for the students, while supporting the creation of military spirit and the harmonic combination of military virtues with the academic spirit that is being cultivated in the university of Thessaloniki.

In the common academic environment for military and civilian students and the high-level university studies, our students must excel.

The Hellenic Military Academy of Combat Support Officers from its foundation has always been the peak of excellence, the crossroad where scientific training meets military education.

The promotion of the Academy, in order to always hold the high position, it deserves in the consciousness of the Armed Forces, the academic community and the Greek community as a whole, is also a priority. The Reputation and the Legacy of the Academy go beyond the borders of the country with hundreds of foreign graduate students and colleagues transmitting Hellenic Education to their countries.

I strongly believe that you are the jewel of the Greek youth after choosing to play the important dual role of a scientist officer, in the way he is depicted in the banner of our Academy, where Athena’s owl directs the spear of Ares, combined with the quote of our Academy, which reminds us that discipline is the mother of success.

With faith in yourself, hard work and inspiration from the examples of recent and distant history, we will succeed.
After all, you have already proved that you are the first among the first of our youth and our Homeland expects a lot from you.

I wish all of you great health, in order to serve your duties, strength, in order to keep the Academy’s course upward and success in every field of your life in order to feel complete and proud.
To the outgoing Commander, Lieutenant General Georgios Mantzouranis I express the warm thanks of all of us for the work he has performed and the high level at which he hands the Academy over, as well as heartfelt wishes, for health, personal and family happiness.

Officers, Non-Commissioned officers, Students, Soldiers and Civil Staff,
I am sure that we will continue the work of the previous Administrations and with the cooperation of everyone we will augment it.
Each one of you for the fulfillment of his own noble aspirations and all together for the best interest of our Homeland and the Academy’s legacy.

With the above thoughts and invoking the help of God for the fulfillment of our mission,

I invite you to exclaim,

Long live the Nation,
Long live the Armed Forces
Long live the Hellenic Military Academy of Combat Support Officers

Dimitrios Bolomitis
Major General