Officers, students, non-commissioned officers, privates and civil staff of the Hellenic Military Academy of Combat Support Officers.

Upon decision of the Hierarchy, I undertake the administration of the Academy today, succeeding the eminent and respected Brigadier (I) Kitrinakis Alexandros.
I bow faithfully to the military principles of the Academy and pay tribute to the heroic dead foreigners who fell in the line of duty.
Being aware of the extraordinary honor and trust that the State has shown upon me, I will make a lasting effort and promise to work hard in order to effectively meet the responsibilities of the Academy's administration.
I cordially greet all of you in the belief that we will have an excellent and constructive cooperation.
I am aware of the revered tradition that my predecessors have created, which has enabled the Academy to operate successfully over the years. I promise to continue my work with the ultimate goal of shaping students to become both excellent scientists and officers with academic and military recognition.
Continuing the historic path of the Academy, I will maintain the man-centered spirit of administration based on its Organization and regulations.
Dear students of the Academy, I strongly believe that you are the jewel of the Greek youth and I will treat you accordingly, a right you conquer through your various academic and military obligations.
Justice is the catalyst for maintaining high moral standards and therefore meritocracy and non-discrimination will characterize our actions.
Since its founding, the Hellenic Military Academy of Combat Support Officers has been the apex of excellence, the crossroads where science meets military education. This is the main difference from other higher educational institutions, since here, apart from the high level of scientific tutelage, the military virtues with which the “soon-to-man the Armed Forces” officers need to be gifted with, are cultivated.
The Academy motto is a truth that always reminds us that discipline is the mother of success. It is the primary force that maintains the consistency of the Army. Without it, the other military virtues become futile and fruitless. Let it be understood that military discipline is heavy, but it is the weight of the shield, not the yoke.
I urge everyone to put continuous effort into the perfect scientific and military training by replacing “I” with “we” and individuality with camaraderie. Contribution is the key to accomplishing a mission.
In this struggle I will be particularly helpful to anyone who holds science and duty on the same pedestal, but at the same time I will find myself facing every action of selfishness and individualism.
At the outgoing Commander, Brigadier Alexandros Kitrinakis, I express everyone’s sincere gratitude for the work he has accomplished and the high level at which he delivered the Academy, as well as my cordial wishes for good health and success in his new duties.
Finally, I pray for Almighty God, with the help of Our Lady, to protect us and give us health and strength.

             With that understanding of our highest duty, I urge you to exclaim:
Long live the Nation
Long live the Armed Forces
Long live the Hellenic Military Academy of Combat Support Officers

Major General Georgios Matzouranis