Academy Emblem


The owl as a sacred bird and the symbol of the goddess Athena, represents to this day wisdom and science. Based on two spears, it symbolizes wisdom, vigilant on arms.


"Discipline, Mother of Rightness": “When you invoke the gods, do not be ill-advised. For Obedience is the mother of Success, wife of Salvation” Aeschylus, Seven against Thebes, 223-225. The dance of the Theban women ask the gods to save the city from the disaster that threatens it. Eteocles tells them to stop crying and to comply with his orders. Mother of all success is discipline, which as the generating force of every good, was set forth as the principle of the Hellenic Military Academy of Combat Support Officers, whose mission is to provide to the branches of the Armed Forces, Officers Scientists with full knowledge of their mission, high scientific and military training and a spirit of noble rivalry and cooperation.